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We Work For Your Rights

Taking the Lead in Employment Law

Taking the Lead in Employment Law

Buchsbaum Haag is a modern law firm specializing in employment rights. Led by Brent Buchsbaum and Laurel Haag, two top-rated lawyers with a combined 40 years of experience representing hundreds of clients throughout Southern California, BH has gained a reputation for working relentlessly to ensure employee rights are preserved and protected.

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About Us

The BH Difference

Committed to our Clients

B&H was formed to protect the worker. Every case we undertake is viewed through our enduring fight for justice. We work relentlessly for our clients and ultimately help them overcome the violation of employment rights, restore their reputation, and move forward in life with confidence.

Experienced & Tenacious

Brent and Laurel have a combined 4 decades of experience defending employee rights, yet approach every day with the same focus and determination to ensure clients are well taken care of throughout what is commonly a very stressful time in their lives.

Timely & Transparent

Those we serve are well informed, provided with clear communication and honesty from the first consultation to the settlement. We work with agility and accuracy, with an efficient process that leaves no stone unturned, yet achieves results with pace, so you can regain what is rightfully yours.

Punch Up & Never Give In

B&H clients are up against powerful corporations with extensive legal resources to quell the fallout of their internal violations. We stand confidently against those who try to intimidate and silence their own workers, and possess the ability and experience to take on offenders of any size.

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We are here to fight on your behalf. If you are dealing with an employment rights issue in Long Beach, Los Angeles, or elsewhere in Southern California, we can help. Call 562.733.2498 or contact us today.

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